TelaModaPrints is a line of art inspired stationery, which was formed upon success of our one of one hand painted accessories line ( Our line was created in hope of promoting young and talented artists’ work, whose amazing work might have gone unnoticed in the highly competitive art world.
The products share the same high quality and design forward vision that some have come to know and love @TelaModa, with a focus on art inspired designs and smart, witty tag lines.
To avoid being just another stationery line, we have focused on the art inspired imagery as well as smart humor tag lines, in hope of bringing some color and laughter to everyone’s daily life.
We also have tried to address the issue of the seemingly high price tag of many similar high quality lines. We have decided to make the cards more affordable to everyone who is looking for a high quality stationery line that is unique but also budget friendly.
We are very passionate of our company’s mission and very excited to be a part of the culture of replacing darkness with light, neutrals with colors, sorrow with laughter and most importantly hate with love.
We send you our love and gratitude for your support of our business
Tarik Mendes
Founder of TelaModa & TelaModaPrints